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Welcome to CRESS Kenya, our nonprofit organization dedicated to catalyzing positive change in Nairobi's Korogocho and Mathare slums. Through community-led initiatives, we empower residents with tools, resources, and opportunities to carve out brighter futures. Our focus on youth and women's empowerment cultivates leadership, entrepreneurship, and access to crucial education and vocational training, driving economic independence and social inclusion.

At CRESS Kenya, we're unwavering in our commitment to breaking the poverty cycle by ensuring quality education for underprivileged children in the slums. By providing educational resources, mentorship, and support, we empower these children to unlock their potential and become catalysts for change within their communities. Additionally, we staunchly advocate for child rights, ensuring every child thrives in a safe, nurturing environment.

Beyond education and empowerment, CRESS Kenya champions holistic community development, addressing infrastructure, sanitation, and environmental sustainability. By involving residents as active participants in project planning and implementation, we foster a spirit of collaboration and ownership, ensuring lasting impact and resilience.

Join us in our mission to break the poverty cycle and nurture vibrant, resilient communities. Together, we can sow seeds of hope and transformation, creating a future where every child's rights are safeguarded, and the vibrancy of Nairobi's slums radiates for generations.


CRESS Kenya, a grassroots organization in Nairobi's slums, is dedicated to uplifting these communities through education, economic empowerment, and human rights advocacy. We establish learning centers, provide resources, and offer classes in literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills to empower residents. Our focus on economic empowerment involves facilitating micro-enterprises and cooperative initiatives, fostering resilience and sustainability. Additionally, we conduct workshops and campaigns to raise awareness of human rights and empower community members to address injustices. Our tailored approach aims to create thriving societies where every individual can prosper.


We empower slum communities to redefine their narrative, fostering collective action and personal accountability to break through perceived limitations. Together, we dismantle the glass ceiling, creating a future where every individual achieves their dreams, transforming slums into beacons of opportunity, dignity, and prosperity.


Child Empowerment

We have many programs aimed at empowering vulnerable children.

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Digital Literacy

We equip vulnerable youth with computer skills for job creation.

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Sanitary Towel

We donate sanitary pads to vulnerable girls in order to keep them in class.

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