About us

We provide slum communities with tools they need to create bright futures for themselves. Our programs are community based. We have been transforming lives since 2011. We are changing the narrative of slum population.

CRESS Kenya is a grassroots organization that works with slum communities in Nairobi, Kenya. It addresses some of the challenges vulnerable slum population face using various techniques.

We work with local organizations, well wishers and institutions to fulfill our objectives.


  • Highlight the right of children and women who suffer oppression and are prone to conflict and living under harsh conditions at a grassroots level.
  • Promotion of education among children living under abject poverty, through sponsorship of children and feeding programmes in schools.
  • Eradicate poverty by initiating income-generating activities to women, youths in slums
  • Equipping vulnerable women and youth with skills for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Free children from child labor and forced marriages.
  • Rehabilitate the children in the streets back to the community.
  • Provide forums for members to share experiences and resources, promote collaborative and networking effort; build capacity among members to provide quality services in response to the eradication of poverty.
  • Partner with other organizations and individuals locally, regionally and internationally in advancing our work.